Artificial Intelligence and RPA took over COTECMAR 's facilities in Cartagena.聽

We shared last Friday April 21 at COTECMAR, the main naval shipyard, leader in the maritime sector in Colombia. Together with the directives and officials of Cotecmar of the Artificial Intelligence and RPA Forum, commemorating the World Day of Creativity and Innovation. With more than 60 attendees and approximately 600 people in virtual mode, we shared with those present topics of interest of Industry 4.0, as well as the different challenges of Digital Transformation and Technology as a means to enhance business evolution.聽

Where we identified that it is an organization that from the top management is focused on moving and digitally transforming the organization, including innovative and transformative issues, with a solid and defined structure. On this occasion we met with people from the areas of technology and innovation, sharing about the challenges in order to reinforce what is already being worked on, contribute and generate value for them to achieve their strategic objectives and continue to chart this path, being leaders in shipbuilding and repair.聽

Artificial Intelligence and RPA, arrived at the facilities of Cotecmar in Cartagena, where we had the opportunity to share with experts in Industry 4.0, such as:聽

Jes煤s Velasquez, Engineer and Ph. D. Chief Scientist. Chief Scientist of "Hypothalamus Artificial Intelligence", who was in charge of the first talk, El Camino Hacia La

Digital Transformation Based On Artificial Intelligence. Which was conducted in Virtual mode and was of great interest to the guests, as it aroused the curiosity of the attendees and generated several questions in the audience.聽

William V谩squez General Manager of LSV-TECH, Afrocolombian of the Year 2021, Private Sector category, who with his experience was in charge of bringing to the attendees the challenges of Digital Transformation in Industries with RPA as the central theme, What is RPA, The Conditions and benefits of using RPA and finally the Successful Cases applying RPA.

And to close with a flourish, our guest of the house, Angie Colmenares SCRUM Master and project leader at LSV-TECH, focusing her talk on how we bring automation to industries? and the Match between the administrative and manufacturing, bridge between the operational and administrative part.

They were in charge of putting the topics on the table and to share their experiences, knowledge from their experience, various topics of interest of Industry 4.0, as well as the different challenges of Digital Transformation and Technology as a means to enhance business evolution. Engineer Carlos Rodriguez, leader of the digital transformation process of the Design and Engineering Management of COTECMAR, was in charge of moderating the Forum together with Yeslis Guerra, Knowledge Manager at COTECMAR. Closing with a space for questions, where attendees were quite intrigued with the topics covered in the Forum and mainly these two technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and RPA.

We would like to thank Cotecmar for opening the doors of their house to us and for being able to commemorate the World Creativity and Innovation Day in a very special way, sharing knowledge.


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Pleased with the topics discussed at the Forum, about AI and RPA, which are technologies that can impact processes, opening the doors in Cotecmar for Cotecmar staff to learn more about these technologies and identify possible improvements that allow their processes to become more efficient and productive.

Carlos Rodriguez

Leader of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, COTECMAR

This company allowed us to know with their panelists, what are the most important issues in Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.

A forum where approximately 600 people were connected, in addition to this, 60 people in person, most of whom were quite interested, captured key knowledge that will allow them to begin to improve their processes within the organization with technology.聽

Jimmy Sanabria

Head of the Innovation Management Department, COTECMAR